How to Reinforce a Bed Frame ? Here’re 6 Easy DIY Guides

In this blog we will guide you, how to reinforce a bed frame so you can strengthen your bed frame instead of replace it with a new one. Before that let’s understand the causes and consequences.

If you have a waek bed frame, you know how annoying it can be when it starts to loose. While it may seem like an impossible task, there are actually several techniques you can use to strengthen the bed frame . In this blog post, we’ll be discussing 6 different ways how to reinforce a bed frame.

Causes and Consequences of a Bed Frame

Unluckily, solid or sprung bed slats can weaken over time and become shaky / wobbly. Weak / shaky / wobbly bed slats can create many issues, such as;

  • A squeaky bed: Wobbly bed strips usually make squeaky sounds that can be embarrassing for everyone in the house and your neighborhood.
  • Huge risk of bed frame damage: If the slats continuously change position it can damage the bed frame. In this situation, friction makes slats shorter or makes the frame wider. It can also loose the joints.
  • Preventable accidents: Sometimes, a wobbly slat framework can lapse out of the bed frame causing unnecessary accidents.

Don’t worry! By following any of the given 6 methods you can know how to reinforce a bed frame.

1. Add or strengthen bed slats

Add or strengthen bed slats

If your bed only has a center beam and a border , adding slats can make the bed stronger and more stable. Base of the beds are metal or wooden slats that consist of bars placed beneath themattress to produce more support.

  • First of all, measure the length of the slats to equal the width of the inner bed frame.
  • Mark this measurement on a wooden board.
  • Then cut using a saw or request professional help to assist in cutting.
  • Do it again and again until you achieve the total number of slats you’ll need.
  • Place a board or slat two feet away from the middle of the center beam on each side.
  • Drill each slat into the inner lip of the frame.
  • Make sure to bind the slats properly to reduce movement.
  • Alternatively, if your bed frame already has bed slats then strengthen properly.

2. Replace the center beam with a supportive center beam

If you feel that the center beam of the bed frame is annoying and causing issues. It should be fixed properly or get rid of it and go for better support.
If your bed slats are sagging perilously you can launch a central support beam even if it’s a small bed. A center beam runs the whole length of the bed from head to base, passing through the center of slats.
You need the given parts below for this project;

  • wood planks

Dimension= 800 inches of 2×8

  • Screw / Nails

Dimension= 30 3-inches

  • 02 support legs

After taking these parts, take the bed and set it aside. Measure the bottom slat to the uppermost slat length, then convey the measurement onto your 2×8 wood plank, and cut it.
From the end of the beam, measure 30.5 cm and mark these locations.Now screw or nail the leg support posts onto those places at 90° to the beam.
In order to match the length of the bed frame’s legs, you’ll need to trim the support legs. After that, screw the bed frame using the nails after positioning the bed frame over the beam. Now your bed structure is much stronger than before.

3. Tighten Bed Frame Screws

It makes the bed frame feel unstable and less supportive if the screws are loose. In this case, you will need a screwdriver or wrench. It’s crucial to check all of the screws, especially the bottom. They are the most probably cause of the bed frame to wiggle.

4. Check the joints

Now you might additionally have to check the joints on your bed frame if they may have shifted over time. Joints that have been disconnected can undermine any bed frame and make it sway or tremble. You can lay a cloth on both sides to inhibit the damage.
You can request one person for assistance to hold the frame in place while hammering.

If you have a body that has been glued, you could repaint the glue wherein needed and use a clamp to maintain the device portions collectively tightly after hammering gently.

5. Improve Fastening of Bed Frame Screws

The fifth method is to check the bed frame screws properly, if it’s necessary you need to improve the fastening of the bed frame screws. Replace the screws / bolts on the bed frame or add new screw plates to make them work appropriately again.
If you wish to make the overall structure more stable, add more screws or bolts using your drill or screwdriver. In this way, you will be increasing more stability to your bed frame.

6. Add extra support beams

add extra support beams

Don’t think that a bed frame contains only one support beam? The sixth method to reinforce the bed frame is that you can add one more on each side to reinforce the construction. This method especially comes in useful for floating bed frames, which generally don’t use bed slats for further support.

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